4 tips to fix frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are a rude awakening. You stumble to the shower on a chilly winter morning and when you turn on the water, nothing happens. It's an awful feeling when you realize your pipes have frozen. And of course the bigger concern is whether or not your pipes have burst.
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If this has happened to you, follow these steps to fix frozen pipes:
  1. Leave the faucets turned on and call a plumber.
  2. Turn on your hair dryer and aim it at the pipes that appear to be frozen. Start by blowing the air on the section closest to the faucet as possible and work your way to the coldest section of the pipe. DO NOT use an open flame. Remember, if there is standing water, do not sue electrical appliances in that area for risk of electrocution.
  3. You can also try heating water on the stove, soaking towels in it and wrapping the hot towels around your frozen pipes.
  4. If your pipes have burst, turn off the water at the main shutoff valve and do NOT leave the faucets on.
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